Are you thinking about the best qualification to help you with your future career? Have you considered an HNC and HND?

Studying an HNC or HND at Fife College could set you on the path to career success, in exciting fields such as Business Management, Administration and IT or Legal Services. Or perhaps you’re interested in studying Quantity Surveying, Architecture or Interior Design?

With an HNC or HND from Fife College in any of these subjects or many more, the opportunities are endless. Employers love them and place high value on these qualifications so they can lead to a fantastic career.

An HNC or HND is the ideal study choice for school leavers, adult returners to education or those simply looking to boost their career options. Often those who are already in work choose to undertake an HNC or HND related to their current field of employment, to help them progress professionally or gain a promotion.

At Fife College, you can choose to study part-time, online, or through distance learning. This flexibility allows you to balance your studies with work or family life. A part-time or distance learning HNC or HND is the ideal way to continue working, alongside your studies, and gain more skills, build your career and gain extra income. 

You could even use it to gain the practical skills to start your own business, like Eilidh Hutchison, who is currently studying her HND Business Management at Fife College. When asked about studying Business at Fife College, Eilidh said:

“The course is really good because we got a mixture of everything. I most enjoyed the marketing side and I’ve been enjoying the part about managing organisations too.

Now I have my own business called Aye Candy, selling handmade chocolates, chocolate bars and traybakes. Getting a commercial kitchen and a shop is the long-term goal.”

Dunfermline Press: Callum BlythCallum Blyth (Image: Fife College)

The local, affordable, flexible route to a degree

HNCs and HNDs are also a great pathway to studying a degree at university, or even to completing a degree in full at Fife College. They let you study at a manageable pace and then if you’re ready to switch to a degree, you’ll already have the right foundations in place.

Studying towards a degree at college is not only more affordable, but it also offers a flexible approach. Instead of committing to a long course, you can take it one year at a time. This way, you keep your options open while still earning an HNC or HND on the way.

This means that having a Higher National Certificate (HNC) could give you direct entry to year two of your chosen degree course, while a Higher National Diploma (HND) could provide direct entry into year three.

So, why should you consider studying HNCs and HNDs at Fife College? Well, they offer fantastic facilities, smaller class sizes, greater affordability, and flexibility and help you get a step up with your career.

Just ask Callum Blyth, who studies HNC: 3D Design (Interiors) at Fife College, which is one of many Construction Professional courses on offer at HN level.

He says, "After the course has finished, you can go into loads of areas. You've got placements, you've got job opportunities for the council, you've got university. I am going to university, if you had said that to me five years ago, I would not have believed you."

Visit the Fife College website for more information about HNC or HND studies.