PLANS have been approved for the replacement and relocation of a 15m mast with a 20m telecommunications monopole. 

The proposed mast will be located on the grass verge of the B981 road at Chapel Place in Inverkeithing, just behind the existing flower bed and welcome sign for the town. 

In addition to the installation of a new mast pole and equipment cabinets, the old 15m mast and equipment cabinets will be removed. 

The new cabinets will also be grouped together behind the flower bed. 

Since a mast has already been in this area, Fife Council believe that even though the new mast will be 5m taller, there will be no additional visual impact upon the surrounding environment. 

The ground where the existing mast and cabinets will also be fixed after their removal. 

In approving the planning application, the Council's planning officer stated: "The proposal is considered to be acceptable in meeting the terms of the Development Plan in terms of design, visual amenity and health concerns.

"The proposal represents additions and alterations to the location of existing telecommunications equipment and would have no significant detrimental impact upon the surrounding area."