STUDENTS at Fife College have staged a protest in Dunfermline after they were told their course would not run next term.

It was announced last week that the HNC Fashion programme would not be available from August, despite several current NC learners having already accepted their places.

Cerys Venters-Scott was one of them and will now face a journey across the Forth to Edinburgh to complete the degree that she, until two weeks ago, believed she would finish at the college's Dunfermline campus.

The 21-year-old from Inverkeithing has autism and struggled in school but finally found her calling in the fashion course.

Her mum, Debbie, attended the protest in support of her daughter and said she was "really pleased" students "stood their ground".

She said: "It went really good, there was quite a big turn out with lots of students and we went along as parents, there were a few grandparents.

"They certainly were heard, that's for sure.

"A lot of management did come out but they didn't speak.

"I think they stood for about an hour and they moved from the very front of the building along to the road.

"We got loads of traffic spurring the guys on, that kept them going."

Dunfermline Press: Students received support from passing drivers, fellow students and lecturers. Students received support from passing drivers, fellow students and lecturers. (Image: David Wardle)

She continued: "They were very motivated to get their voice heard.

"Their posters said 'we will not be silenced' because a lot of it has been brushed under the carpet.

"How the students feel is that for everybody in Fife College, your course is in jeopardy, don't ever have it guaranteed.

"You think you go on a course and that you will fulfill it.

"They felt they were being heard."

The demonstration then moved, silently, indoors and continued throughout the college before circling a building where the principal was holding a meeting.

Debbie said they chanted: "Management are to blame, hold your head in shame".

She added: "We got a lot of lecturers coming out and giving them the thumbs up which was really supportive.

"All the staff were all really supportive, they all know what is going on."

Fife College confirmed that no fashion staff members will be losing their jobs, with one leaving voluntarily and another due to teach the HND course next year.

The second year HND course will run but the current HNC level, HND year one, will not.

Anyone progressing from the HNC level to HND will continue to study from August.

Dunfermline Press: Many NC students had already accepted places on the HNC course. Many NC students had already accepted places on the HNC course. (Image: David Wardle)

A spokesperson said: “Fife College regularly reviews what courses it will offer in order to ensure that our future provision is in line with regional employment trends.

"This year, with a significant real-terms cut in central funding for all colleges across Scotland, we need to make some hard decisions.

"Initial proposals on future course provision led to a thorough consultation process involving college leadership, staff, and Union representatives.

"The proposals focused on market demand, course completions, positive destinations, and future employability prospects for our students.

"The outcome has led to some courses not being offered next year."