THE owner of Khushi's restaurant in Dunfermline have revealed there is "very little that is salvageable" after a fire devastated the building earlier this year.

Riaz Mohammed said there would be a "long road to recovery" after the full extent of damage was assessed but that he is remaining "positive and thankful".

In a post on social media, he confirmed that the roof and supporting beams have been destroyed and that the third floor was "completely gutted".

The second floor of the restaurant has "heavy damage" from both the blaze and water used to extinguish it.

He added that while the ground floor was spared by the fire, there is "extensive water damage" and "sadly there is very little that is salvageable".

He wrote: "It's almost exactly two months to the day since a fire broke out in an apartment above the restaurant devastating the building and we're not ashamed to say that the going has been tough but we are making progress.

"Due to the extent of the damage it has taken longer than expected to secure the building and make it safe but we are pleased to say that all traffic around the building has returned to normal and our thanks go out to our wonderful neighbours who have been incredibly patient whilst this was happening."

Dunfermline Press: The fire broke out in a flat above the Canmore Street restaurant on April 21. The fire broke out in a flat above the Canmore Street restaurant on April 21. (Image: NQ Staff.)

Emergency crews were called to Canmore Street on April 21 after a fire broke out in the flat above the restaurant.

Road closures surrounding the building were not lifted until June 14 and two neighbouring businesses, Fabric and Lourenzos, were forced to shut for an extended period while safety inspections took place.

Fabric re-opened on June 1 but Lourenzos has not revealed when it will welcome back customers.

Mr Mohammed continued: "There's no question, this will be a long road to recovery but every journey starts with the first steps and to know we are recovering with your support makes all the difference.

"We are incredibly grateful for the messages of support we've received and continue to receive from our friends, community and neighbours it really means the world to us right now.

"If we take one thing away from this experience it is to be thankful for what you have, nobody was hurt and if not for the amazing effort of everyone who came to our aid on the night, the situation could have been a lot worse.

"Once again we'd like to thank the police, ambulance, fire bridge, our friends, the community, fife council and everyone else who has helped us since the fire.

"We remain positive and thankful as we start down the road ahead.

"We'll keep you updated."