THERE is "active interest" in Dunfermline's former Debenhams store.

Kingsgate Centre manager Neil Mackie confirmed that talks are ongoing to fill half of the unit, which has been subdivided.

He told the Press that he could not disclose further information but that there was a "active interest on half of it".

Debenhams permanently closed all its stores in 2021 after the pandemic worsened problems the business was already facing.

The brand was then bought by the Boohoo group but the deal did not include saving stores.

In January last year Mr Mackie told the Press that plans to fill the empty space were "progressing" but were moving "very slow".

In May 2022 a group of parents banded together to make a plea for the unit to become a soft play facility for children of all ages.

At that time the centre manager said he struggled "to see how that would be economically-viable as it is such a large site."