A DOG which was missing for almost six weeks has been returned to her family after being found nearly five miles from her home in Rosyth.

Little Murron is an 18-month-old Jack Russell and disappeared while on a walk in the field between Camdean and Pattiesmuir.

While on the run she was sighted in Crossford, Cairneyhill and Blairhall before being picked up in Crombie.

The pup had been off her lead while being walked by Scott Wilson, whose neighbour, John Townson, cares for her while her 'dad' is working offshore.

Scott told the Press: "I was walking the dog when she went for something, my neighbour, John, had been feeling under the weather so I had been walking her.

"She hadn't done it before but that night something got her attention and she ran off - we hunted for her, the whole street was our until midnight.

"The next day John got in touch with Dana's Angels and they said they would come out but that dogs usually return in 24 hours.

"No one could get close enough, we kept searching out until midnight most nights.

"We had thermal scopes, drones, and a sniffer dog managed to pick up her scent in Crossford.

"She must have decided to go into hiding or take off."

Dunfermline Press: Little Murron and her owners reunited with those who helped to find her at Duckhill Dog Park near Cairneyhill. Little Murron and her owners reunited with those who helped to find her at Duckhill Dog Park near Cairneyhill. (Image: David Wardle.)

After that there were few sightings of the little dog, with Dana's Angels, a group which helps to locate dogs across Fife, involved in the search as well as Perth and Kinross Missing Pets.

"We needed sightings and she just wasn't being spotted," Scott continued.

"If she doesn't want to be seen then she won't be.

"We were trying to keep each other's hopes up, it's in a Jack Russell's nature to be a survivor.

"We were confident even through the lack of sightings. It's like searching for a needle in a haystack."

John said that in the week Murron was found there was an idea that she may be ready to give herself up due to worsening weather. Though when Scott received a call from David Ganley in Crombie, who had bathed and fed the pup after finding her, he didn't believe it would be her until he saw her for himself.

"I was in my pyjamas but I said I would be there in 10 minutes," he explained.

"At this time I wasn't confident it would be her.

"He said he approached her and she came right up, she was filthy and thin so he gave her a bath and water and then went on Facebook.

"There were floods of tears."

Dunfermline Press: Murron was found in Crombie, nearly five miles from her Rosyth home. Murron was found in Crombie, nearly five miles from her Rosyth home. (Image: David Wardle.)

John added: "When she got back I was attacked in the door - in a good way!

"I had a feeling that week she was going to be found."

Scott said that there had been many sleepless nights in the time Murron was missing and that he felt he had brought John "all his Christmases and birthdays at once" when he returned her.

"It was so nice to be able to hand her back when I was the one who lost her," he said.

"There was no blame, it could have happened to anyone and it just so happened it was with me she did one.

"It's all been worth it, I wouldn't choose to go through it again, but I think we will all be able to sleep now!

"She's not getting off the lead again and a tracker will be fitted!"

Having been checked out at the vets Murron was given a full bill of health and was sent home to be spoiled by John, and her dad David Dillon when he returned from work.

"It restores your faith in humanity," Scott said.

"It's the loveliest feeling ever, she's getting spoiled rotten and it's like she's never been away.

"On behalf of us all I want to say thank you to Dana's Angels, Perth and Kinross Missing Pets, and everyone who came to help."