PLANS that show the access being closed to a popular walking route in Dunfermline sparked 27 objections from residents - but they've now been told there was an "error" in the drawings. 

They were angry after realising the proposed upgrade of the Garvock Service Station on Halbeath Road included shutting the lane at the rear of the premises.

It provides access to the shared path, for walkers and cyclists, that follows the old railway line from Leys Park Road to Whitefield Road and connects to the housing estates in Bellyeoman, Queen Margaret Hospital and the railway station.

Dunfermline Press: The shared use path between Leys Park Road and Whitefield Road in Dunfermline is a popular route. The shared use path between Leys Park Road and Whitefield Road in Dunfermline is a popular route. (Image: Newsquest)

Penny Petroleum are behind the plans to upgrade the Shell garage – not long after the previous refurbishment at the turn of the year – which includes a drive-thru collection kiosk, nine parking spaces and a new entrance to the shop.

And on Facebook, Andrew Wedge said: "I think the new amendments to the Shell garage on Halbeath Road actually look great.

"The post office, extended shop and Stephens have been great additions locally but as part of the upgrade plans they are closing off the access to the old railway line path.

"I don’t think that’s ok."

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And Jilly Martin posted: "That would be a nightmare for me!

"I live really close to the garage and had been happy to hear about the upgrades, but I use the path regularly with my children and dog."

Another objector said: "It will have a major impact for many people living along Halbeath Road.

"It's the route of choice for parents taking their kids to Bellyeoman Nursery and Primary School, plus older kids go this way to Queen Anne High.

"There's an elderly gentleman who lives in Hill Court, uses a mobility scooter to take his dog to the cycle track, he was almost in tears when he was telling me about the plans, a major inconvenience to him."

However a spokesperson for the firm's planning agents, AMCA Architects, reassured the Press that the access to the old railway line path will be maintained.

He said: "There was an error in the drawings. It was always intended that the access would be kept as we know how important it is.

"It was always in the proposals and it will be confirmed in the new drawings."

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The objections were submitted to the council's planning portal and the local authority said they had received confirmation from the applicant that they "intend to maintain the existing access" between Halbeath Road and the path.

The path is also part of National Cycle Network Route 764, also known as the West Fife Way, which runs between Dunfermline and Clackmannan.