THE owner of an Aberdour eaterie has welcomed the long-awaited opening of a new bridge in the village.

Hannah Norman, who runs the Room with a View restaurant, was delighted to see the Dour Bridge eventually completed which has already seen the return of passing trade.

The new bridge, she said, has also given back a sense of independence to her mum, Pauline, who has run the Forth View Hotel, where the restaurant is, for nearly 50 years.

"It has definitely been a long time coming," said Hannah. "We had lost 100 per cent of our passing trade. It was amazing on Saturday, when it had not been officially opened, that for the first time in a long time we saw people outside the building who had just walked there.

"We are on the coastal path and now, at last, we have lots of passing trade. It is good to have people back."

Dunfermline Press: Pauline Norman MBE at the opening of the new Dour Bridge.Pauline Norman MBE at the opening of the new Dour Bridge. (Image: Jim Payne)

From a person level, Hannah said the lack of bridge has affected her and her mum's life.

"My mum became disabled during the pandemic and the plan was we would get her a mobility scooter because she lives down there so she cannot get out but there was no point when there was no bridge," said explained.

"She can now go off into the village and get a coffee. It has given her a new lease of life. I would say she felt a bit trapped. She has owned the hotel for 47 years and has always been so active.

"For me, I used to drive people to and from the restaurant which I still do but I had been doing it even more because they couldn't get round so at least I wont have to do quite so many lifts."

The Dour Bridge was damaged beyond repair in August 2020 and a new £285,000 footbridge was eventually opened last week.

A key link in the village and part of the Fife Coastal path, the Press has previously reported the frustration and “colossal” criticism from local residents and businesses as years went by without a replacement.