A Rosyth teenager caused damage and disruption at the Dunfermline Sheriff Court building.

Levi Taylor was being held in the cells area when he smashed a window and climbed through it.

Taylor, 18, of Elder Place, is now in detention and appeared by video-link at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

He admitted that on February 27 at the custody cells area he shouted, swore, acted aggressively and kicked a glass window damaging it.

He climbed through the broken window, struck a chair against a door, damaged the chair and used the arm-rest to cause damage to a door.

He then placed his arm through the broken window and unlocked the door from the inside, brandished the arm-rest at custody staff and struck the spyglass of a cell door, damaging it.

Sheriff Charles Lugton deferred sentence until October 11.

Taylor is currently serving a period of detention for another matter.