A sex attacker who told the woman he raped that he was "trying to be a bit kinky" after the assault was jailed today (Friday).

Christian Dare carried out the sex attack on the victim at her home in Dunfermline after she asked him for a massage.

The woman (27) told the High Court in Edinburgh: "I had a shoulder injury at the time."

She said Dare started to apply pressure to her shoulder as she lay face down on a bed but then began to massage further down her back.

She said: "He told me that this was going to lead to sex. I said 'no, I don't want to have sex'."

The woman said he began having sex with her and claimed that during it he spanked her a few times. She told the court that she felt scared and afterwards was in a state of shock.

She said: "I went in the shower. He showered afterwards and apologised for what he has done. He said he was sorry for what happened before. I understood he was apologising for the sex at that point."

The woman later decided to report it to the police and told the court that she thought "if I could report it that might stop it happening again".   

During messages between them she told Dare: "I said twice I didn't want to have sex."

Dare said he had apologised but was "horny". He also told her he was "trying to be a bit kinky" and "I just wanted to dominate you".

First offender Dare (27) of Birdele Close, Bristol, had denied raping the woman on January 25 in 2020 at the house in Dunfermline, but was found guilty by a majority verdict of the jury.

Judge Susan Craig called for a background report to be prepared on him ahead of sentencing. He was on bail during the trial, but was remanded in custody following the verdict.

The judge told him: "This will inevitably result in a custodial sentence."

Dare was placed on the sex offenders' register.