INVERKEITHING Highland Games leapt into action at Ballast Bank with traditional fun for all ages.

The spectacle saw crowds enjoy a range of heavyweight competitions, athletics, piping, dancing as well as other entertainment taking place throughout the day.

Director and track convener, Frank Coyle, declared the day a success.

"The whole event went very well. It just all clicked together. You spend all year planning and arranging things, you spend the whole week before setting things up, getting tents out, erecting stages and you think to yourself it will never come together and, on the day, it all comes together," he said.

"The track was in good condition and the crowd at the finishing line watching was really good. There were some very good events and some very tightly fought events.

"Both the dancing and the heavyweight competitions went beyond the expected times. The heavyweight was so closely contested – they just kept going and going and going.

"The caber was quite spectacular because it is a big caber and watching it go up and right over with the crowd cheering, it was quite exhilarating.

"All in all, we were very pleased and it was a very good, successful games."

The day attracted visitors from around the world.

"It was very multi cultural and we had people from all over come along judging by the different languages being spoken," added Frank.

"For those visiting possibly for the Edinburgh Festival, it is something completely different. You can see them watching one thing and another from the heavyweights and the athletics to the dancing and the pipe bands. It was all going on at one time.

"The children's races were very popular and with solo piping, the piping for the dancing and the pipe bands, it didn't matter what part of the field you were in, you were hearing pipe music. It was very good."