AFTER 10 days of fun and community spirit the Aberdour Festival officially concluded at the weekend.

Going out with a bang, the committee ended the festivities with a beach day and live music with performances from Skipinnish and The Coaltown Daisies.

Helen Pearson, the chairperson of the festival committee, told the Press: "It was a fantastic week, the marquee was back for the first time in five years and it was lovely.

"It just creates a lovely harbour of enjoyment for the village. It's been absolutely superb and people have turned up for lots and lots of events so we've had vibrant audiences for most of the events we've put on."

With everything from raft races, scarecrow competitions, a community football tournament and even a pet show, there has been a great deal of variety packed into this year's event.

Run by a small team, the help and support from the village has been vital to the success of the festival.

Helen continued: "We have a committee of about 12 and then we have crew, which is made up of 14 to 17-year-olds, we had about 20 of them who worked their hearts out all weekend to help us out.

"Our teenagers are worth a mention because they've been brilliant and then there's lots of subgroups as well who help us out by taking on responsibility for different parts of it and they've been brilliant too.

"There are so many people involved, doing their thing, and I think that's how we make it work."

Now that this year's celebrations are complete, Helen and the rest of her team are already setting their sights on next year.

She added: "It's a mixture of 'Wow we've done it' but then it goes quiet for a bit and you kind of miss it but we'll soon be planning for next year!"