A RESIDENT has complained about the noise and "disruption" caused by Aberdour Festival's closing concert.

The local, who wished to remain anonymous, claimed that the live music in Saturday night's performance was far too loud and consistently exceeded 70 decibels.

Speaking to the Press, they said: "Noise levels were too high and close to residential areas.

"Decibels were higher than 70 consistently recorded in local's houses, which counts as disruption in residential areas.

"85 to 90 decibels recorded just outside the marquee, which is the action limit in which ear protection is required.

"There is a general lack of awareness of how loud music can damage the ears and whilst I approve of and participated in the festival I fear visitors and especially ear-sensitive children are put at risk.

"Over the years this has caused sleep deprivation, psychological issues, mistakes driving and at work. I could put many lives at risk by distributing medicines to the elderly or even worse concerns in my current job.

"I have complained many times to the festival committee and Aberdour Community Council over the years, but still no permanent resolutions have been made. Now I feel I am getting brushed off with no response.

"Unfortunately, I have had to now complain to Fife Council for continued disruption in residential areas and several health and safety concerns and I await their response."

And they claim that they aren't the only one who has had an issue with the noise levels.

To solve these issues, they feel that the marquee needs to be removed from residential areas due to concerns over health and safety.

The complainer continued: "Several residents have gone across to the marquee before, sent letters and e-mails, but were largely ignored.

"The marquee needs to permanently move away from residential areas, even Glastonbury is out in the countryside.

"Volume has to be dropped for health and safety so that young sensitive ears are protected and an awareness of how hearing damage occurs in society is required as deafness and tinnitus will result in later years."

The Aberdour Festival Committee said they will look into how they can keep the noise down in the future and are happy to discuss concerns with residents.

A spokesperson added: "It has been brought to our attention that concerns were raised over the noise levels of events during the Aberdour Festival.

"As a community festival, we are committed to providing an enjoyable environment for all residents.

"We worked with our technical team to ensure that noise levels were kept within an acceptable limit and provided extra insulation via barriers and vans between the marquee and the local houses.

"Please be assured that we take this matter seriously and we will investigate appropriate measures to mitigate it further in the future, ensuring all can enjoy the annual Aberdour Festival.

"We have not received any emails regarding noise, but if any resident does want to get in touch we would be happy to discuss any feedback."