AMAZON in Dunfermline has delivered a £1,000 donation to Andy's Man Club.

The money will go towards supporting the charity nationally with advertising and promotional materials, volunteer expenses, events, facilitator team building and provisions over periods when the centres are closed.

Jamie Strain, General Manager at Amazon in Dunfermline, said he hopes the money will be beneficial for the charity as it continues its work.

He added: "Andy’s Man Club is a fantastic charity working hard to reduce the stigma around men’s mental health."

Craig Bain, an employee who nominated the charity for support, added said the charity was one very close to his heart.

"It provides incredible support for men seeking to improve their mental health and I am glad Amazon has decided to support the charity with this donation,” he said.

Joanne Smith from Andy’s Man Club, welcomed the cash injection.

"We would like to say a big thank you to Jamie and the team at Amazon in Dunfermline for this donation," she said. "Their support is greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue our suicide prevention work in Dunfermline.

“The latest venue addresses can be found by emailing or on the website”

Andy’s Man Club is a nationwide charity aiming to end the stigma around men’s mental health by offering weekly mental health support groups for men across the UK.

The local groups in Dunfermline meet every Monday evening at 7pm, excluding bank holidays, where men can chat in a safe space about any difficulties they may be struggling with in their lives.