Does it really matter where you order your takeaway from? In a word…Yes.

The commission taken by the national chains – Just Eat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo – can be anything from 14 to 35 per cent.

In this cost of living crisis where the hospitality industry is being hit by price increases left, right and centre, this is leaving many in a precarious position.

Istanbul Kebab House, at 10 Guildhall Street in Dunfermline, has decided enough is enough and will be leaving Just Eat on Monday (August 14).

Don’t panic though, you will still be able to order your favourite kebabs, pizzas and burgers from Istanbul through the local delivery app, Dunfermline Eats.

For those who haven’t come across Dunfermline Eats yet, they are a local app run by local people.

Started in the pandemic two years ago, they have quickly grown a substantial customer base and now boast over 100 cafes, takeaways and restaurants.

Dunfermline Eats offer a transparent flat rate of 7.5 per cent commission and not only are they cheaper than the national chains, they also get involved and help the takeaways market new dishes and promotions they may have.

With many exclusive takeaways and offers, Dunfermline Eats offers something to the city and surrounding area.

Imam from the Istanbul Kebab House stated: “Over the last few years, as a business we have found it increasingly difficult to have Just Eat as a partner.

“There are many factors for this with the main one being Just Eat having too much control over my business in terms of high commissions.

“The time has finally come for us to leave from August 14. From this date onwards you will only be able to order from Istanbul through our shop number 01383 725300, Dunfermline Eats and our own app.

“We need your support now more than ever by ordering on Dunfermline Eats, which will help us to continue to operate and offer the best prices and promotions to our customers.

“We have been a part of Dunfermline for many years and are grateful for the custom we have received from the local community.”

Michael McDade, director of Dunfermline Eats, said: “We are delighted to help Istanbul transition away from Just Eat.

“We are really keen to see the people of Dunfermline get behind two local businesses and show their support.

“We see a win-win situation when businesses are able to save costs by leaving Just Eat, with the average online takeaway increasing 10 per cent this year alone.

“By leaving, it reduces the impact on the customers by reducing the need to increase costs across the menu.

“We know that once we can make this a success for Imam at Istanbul we will see another half a dozen businesses follow suit in the local area.

“Others are already talking to us to find out how we can support getting the message out.

“It really makes a difference to these small businesses when you choose to support local with Dunfermline Eats over the multinationals.

“We’ve worked hard to make sure we have the best choice and with over 100 partners working with us through Dunfermline Eats we really feel we have provided that.”

You can find Dunfermline Eats at: