A teenage thug attacked a bus driver, pulling him off the vehicle and kicking him.

The driver was injured in the unprovoked assault at Dunfermline bus station and unable to work for weeks afterwards.

His assailant was David Irwin, who was just 16 at the time and has now appeared for sentencing at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

David Irwin, now 18, of Halkett Crescent, admitted that on January 15, 2021, at Dunfermline bus station, Queen Anne Street, he assaulted a bus driver by seizing him by the clothing, dragging him from a bus, throwing him to the ground and kicking him on the body to his injury.

He also admitted acting aggressively, shouting, swearing and making threats.

He further admitted that on May 12 this year at Halkett Crescent he was in possession of controlled drugs, cocaine and ecstasy.

Depute fiscal Christine Allan said Irwin was with friends at the bus station at around 8.30pm. Passengers were getting off a bus with the driver still in his cabin.

Irwin approached the bus and started jumping on and off it. The driver told him to get off and Irwin became aggressive, was shouting and making threats. He grabbed the driver by the tie and pulled him, causing him to stumble and he was then dragged off the bus by Irwin.

The driver fell to the ground and was kicked by Irwin before onlookers intervened and the youth ran off.

The driver sustained injuries to his knee and calf which prevented him from working for around eight weeks.

Defence solicitor Elaine Buist said: “Too much alcohol was involved and he accepts that is a problem. He was arrested on a warrant and the drugs were found on him when he was searched.”

Irwin is unemployed and has not applied for benefits, she added.

Sheriff Francis Gill described Irwin’s behaviour as “shocking and unacceptable”.

He imposed a structured deferred sentenced to run until December 6. Irwin will return to court then and the issue of compensation will be addressed.