DUNFERMLINE Abbey will host an 'Intertwined' event bringing together Ukrainian nationals and Scots as part of this year's Outwith Festival.

Organiser Svitlana Iniakoviene has a brother on the front lines of Ukraine's war with Russia.

She said: "We are proud to present a collaboration between Ukrainian refugees and Scottish people, the remarkable chefs and artists who are joining hands for a greater purpose.”

The evening will involve live music, cuisine and stories.

Foods on offer include Ukrainian pies, Kyiv cake and traditional desserts and sandwiches.

Visitors will be able to hear classical, folk, rock and pop music by Ukrainian and European composers.

There will be performances by guitarist Peter Adams; vocalists Vika Yasynska, Lofgreen, and Freya Nicoll; violinist Mary Grabenko and pianist Kristina Avalyan.

The show, named 'Intertwined', begins at 2pm on Sunday, September 10.

Tickets can be bought on Eventbrite via outwithfestival.co.uk.

Tickets cost £12 and child concessions are £6.

All funds raised will help to support Ukraine.