A 40-year-old Dunfermline woman repeatedly caused drunken disturbances at her home, including occasions where she tried to bite police officers and brandished a knife.

On another occasion she shouted and swore during a commotion at Victoria Hospital after police took her there.

Julie Hynd, of Arthur Street, appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff Court to be sentenced for a series of offences she has admitted.

On August 18 last year, at her home, she assaulted a police officer by attempting to bite him. She also assaulted a female constable by attempting to bite her during the same incident.

Then on November 25, again at her home, she assaulted a female officer by kneeing her to the face.

On March 31, at her home, she shouted, swore and brandished a knife at officers. And on April 11, at her home, she repeatedly shouted and swore at police officers, threatened them with violence and kicked out at them. She assaulted a female police officer by repeatedly attempting to bite her on the hand.

On July13, at her home, she shouted, swore and threatened violence to police officers. She thereafter struggled violently with officers.

Then at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, she acted in an aggressive manner, shouted, swore and made offensive comments causing fear and alarm to staff and patients.

Defence solicitor Alexander Flett said: “She’s very remorseful. She has issues with alcohol and things have gone off the rails for her. She knows the court will lose patience with her.”

He added his client would be “vulnerable” in prison because of her mental health problems.

Sheriff Francis Gill imposed a community payback order with 12 months of supervision and 120 hours of unpaid work.