A DUNFERMLINE-BASED band has been nominated for two accolades at the Lowlands Music Awards in Edinburgh. 

Stay for Tomorrow, an alternative rock band that was formed in the city in 2018, has been shortlisted for the 'Best Rock Act' category and the 'Best Online Music Video' category for their song, 'Lipstick Lips'. 

Nominated for these awards by an anonymous fan, Joe MacFarlane, Nic Holson, Sean Priestley and Ollie Cobbett, are honoured to be considered by the judges' panel. 

Nic told the Press: "We'd like to win but we're not going to go in with the expectation that we are, we'll go in with the expectation that we won't and then if we do, it'll be a nice surprise."

The four members will be suited and booted for the event, which they have been told is a black-tie affair. 

He continued: "It's just one of those nice things that cement for us that we are doing the right kind of thing. 

"In any field but particularly in music, it can be so hard sometimes to know if you are doing the right thing and if people are engaging, especially today with streaming. 

"On the one hand, it's so easy for artists to release music and get it out there for people to listen to but then the flip of that is because it's so easy it means that there's so much out there that it can be difficult to get your head above the water."

The awards ceremony, which will take place at The Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh on Saturday, September 2, will be the perfect way to mark the end of their upcoming, three-day tour. 

The tour will kick off at the Brasshouse in Dunfermline tonight (Thursday) before continuing at The Black Bull in Gateshead on Friday, August 25 and finishing off Pilgrims Yard in Gloucester where they will play a punk event that is set to be headlined by the American Pie stars group, the Thomas Nicholas Band.

Nic continued: "He played Kevin in the American Pie movies so that's quite exciting, that we're doing a gig with someone who was in the American Pie movies. "

Their new single 'Always You', will also be released tomorrow (Friday) on all streaming platforms.

With the tour and the release of the new single, it's the perfect way to say goodbye to their current bassist, Ollie Cobbett, who is set to leave the band on good terms after this UK tour. 

He added: "There's absolutely no bad blood there and its definitely not musical differences. If anything, he's just told us that one of the next songs we're about to put out is the best tune that the band has ever done. 

"So it's definitely not musical differences in this case! With Ollie leaving, we wish him well, we hope he keeps following the band and coming to gigs but it's life, it is what it is."

For more information on Stay for Tomorrow and tickets to their upcoming shows, visit https://stayfortomorrow.com/.