TWO new production lines have been installed at the Mowi base in Rosyth to expand its capacity.

The new machinery, which comes complete with crate destackers, case packers and a palletising robot, has been provided by Lan Handling Technologies.

It will "significantly boost" secondary packaging capacity to 120 products per minute on each line to help meet increasing market demand and save on labour.

At the Rosyth facility, salmon is processed from full fish, to fillets and smoked salmon.

With an increase in market demand for Mowi's products, the need for higher production capacity arose. Much of the work was still done by hand, which resulted in limited output and a high demand for labour.

Mowi's head of operations, Gary Peterson, was delighted with the equipment's installation which has helped increase capacity.

"Working with Lan feels like a partnership. We are sharing ideas to innovate," he added. "I haven’t received any complaints from my colleagues regarding the machines, which confirms that everything is operating smoothly."