TV STAR Steve Backshall is set to dive into Dunfermline when he brings his live show Ocean to the Alhambra Theatre.

After a sold-out tour in 2022, the naturalist is looking forward to getting back on the road as he prepares to stop off in 23 locations across the UK.

"I’m bringing the ocean’s aquatic environments and marine creatures to life on stage by using a giant screen featuring lots of amazing footage from my encounters with sharks, whales and dolphins over the years," he explained.

"There will be on-stage science experiments, by using props, stunts and tricks plus some outtakes and bloopers too. Also, some life-size scale ocean giants that we’ll be bringing out on stage, which I think really helps because it’s very, very difficult to get a sense of how big these animals really are.

"Being able to replicate that on stage is a big part of the show."

Dunfermline Press:

Steve said the ocean – and animals that live there – are his "absolute" passion.

"It's a part of the world that is a mystery to most people," he said. "There are so many of the secrets of the seas that people just don't begin to know anything about.

"It’s probably the part of our planet that's at the most at risk right now. The show is very much based around the most iconic animals in our oceans and how they function and what makes them special. But I will also be talking a bit about the challenges that they face and that the broader environments in the oceans face as well. All of those things together made it seem that this was the perfect topic for a stage show."

The show promises to bring stunts, tricks and experiments which Steve said are likely to go "horribly wrong" as he attempts to illustrate the most out-there elements of wildlife.

"We’ve done quite a lot of this sort of thing on my kids’ television programmes over the years, and I find that it's a really effective way of illustrating an area of animal biology that perhaps otherwise might just be beyond our imagination.

"The classic would be that I can say 1000 times over that the biggest blue whale ever was 32 metres long and weighed 200 tonnes, but nobody knows what that means. It's not until you actually take a jumbo jet and you saw its wings off, and you say, “right, it's that big, and it weighs that much,” that people get it.

"There is 25 years of experience behind every single one of these tricks. It’s going to be a bit of magic show. It's going to be a bit of TED Talk. It's going to have a fair bit of panto thrown in.

"I’m very much hoping to make people laugh, and then cry and then think, and then think some more and then laugh again because I have just covered myself in elephant faeces. Actually, probably not elephant faeces because we're underwater, so whale poop!"

Coming to the Alhambra Theatre on November 6, Steve said the Ocean show offers someone for everyone.

It’s pretty important to address who will come," he added. "At shows like this in the past, I have had three year olds who are interested in wildlife who've been spellbound. Potentially all they're doing is in enjoying the spectacle and enjoying the beautiful images.

"In the same audience, I've had PhD marine biologists who are getting as much out of it as the three year olds. I also have a friend who is a professor of biology, and he will be one of the first people to buy a ticket."

Tickets for the show are available from