FANCY buying your own pub? You'll need at least £80,000 if you want to start pouring the pints at the Valley Bar.

It was a focal point for villagers in High Valleyfield for decades but has been closed for the best part of two years now with seemingly little interest in re-opening it.

The pub on Chapel Street, and the two-bedroom flat above it, will now go under the hammer with Future Property Auctions aiming to sell it on Thursday, September 7.

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Rab McKenzie, of Valleyfield Community Council, said: "Valley Bar was quite a stronghold and I'm sure everyone in the village would like it back as a pub.

"Whether that happens is a different story. Someone may want to buy it and turn it into flats.

Dunfermline Press: The Valley Bar, on Chapel Street in High Valleyfield, is to be sold at auction. The Valley Bar, on Chapel Street in High Valleyfield, is to be sold at auction. (Image: Google Maps)

"It's been shut for quite a while now, must be almost two years.

"There was a lot of people that used it, people that didn't work, the unemployed and the elderly during the day, it was a busy place.

"The price of alcohol in the supermarkets has put a lot of these places out of the game as it's made it much cheaper just to sit and drink at home.

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"It's a shame really.

"Now they they have to travel down to Newmills for a drink. It's a fair walk, but it's the walk back that's the issue if you've had a few!"

There will be a timed online auction, starting at 10am, with the company hoping to start the bidding at £80,000 – although there is a 'buy now' option for £99,500.

It's described as a large public house in "good condition" with a 'rental potential' of £15,000 a year, with the possibility of bringing in a further £6,000 a year from renting out the flat above.

As well as the main bar, there's a lounge and a function area at the back.

Rab said: "It's been open at least 60 years that I can remember and there was talk of it long before that. It was at the heart of the community.

"I remember as a boy on January 2nd and 3rd people would put out all their bottles from New Year and you could take them round to the Valley Bar and get thruppence or something for the screw tops.

"It had a big hall too. We had the show of presents in there before we got married.

"Some stories will have been told in there over the years.

"There were always organisations using it and events, commemorating or celebrating.

"After a funeral people would go from the club – which is only open at weekends now or for events – to the Valley Bar, which was open later, but they can't anymore."