Vandalism of the baby memorial in Dunfermline cemetery as been condemned as disgraceful, heartless and sickening.

Green paint has been thrown over the monument which is in place to remember babies that have passed away at childbirth.

Dunfermline and West Fife MP Douglas Chapman has said: “Again we experience the behaviour of some nasty people – their actions go beyond what might be called 'mindless vandalism'.

“Losing a child at any age is a horrendous experience for a parent, but when it follows a pregnancy where your feelings of hope, excitement and love are dashed, then it becomes a very, very painful part of your life that stays with you forever.

"I don’t think the culprits in this case get that, and their behaviour only adds to the pain of the grieving families.”

This is not the first time that the memorial has been vandalised with a similar incident occurring back in 2021.

Fife Council's head of property services, Alan Paul said: "This is a heartless and despicable crime. The loss of a baby or child is devastating and to see these memorials tarnished and desecrated in this way will be heartbreaking for the parents affected.

"I hope anyone who has any information on who may have done this will come forward to Police Scotland."

Mr Paul also confirmed that the memorials will be cleaned today (Monday, September 4).