PEOPLE turned out in spades for this year's Charlestown Garden Show. 

With an array of vegetables and a bunch of flowers on show, even the judges were impressed with this year's participation. 

Fiona Thomson, from the Garden Club, told the Press: "As a committee, we have no idea what we're going to get before the exhibit entrants start arriving on the Friday night and we were all very pleasantly surprised. 

"The committee are all gardeners themselves and we all felt that summer came in June and this was the end of August so we didn't know what we were going to get. 

"If you see the photographs honestly, we got a lot of displays and a lot of beautiful flowers."

It wasn't just the quality and quantity of entrants that they were impressed with, the committee were also pleased with the amount of new entrants that they had and the engagement from the village children. 

Fiona continued: "That's what we want, we don't want the show to be about the committee, we want it to be about the residents.

"This year we had people winning cups and trophies that had never won them before so that's always good.

"The new headmistress at the primary school, she's really taken it on board. This year and last year, her first two years, we've had more kids entries than we've ever had before."

The Garden Club committee is grateful to everyone who took part in this year's show and is encouraging people to take a chance and enter again, or for the first time, next year.