VISITORS to Limekilns are proving to be trustworthy lot.

An honesty box was introduced in March to collect parking charges at the pier after locals felt a "lighter touch" was needed.

And councillors at the South and West Fife area committee were told it's working much better than expected.

Jeremy Harris, from the Fife Coast and Countryside Trust, said: "We've actually taken quite a lot more through the honesty box than we thought we would, so that's a positive.

"That gives us more opportunity to do further things down there."

Dunfermline Press: An honest box for parking charges at Limekilns Pier car park is working better than expected.An honest box for parking charges at Limekilns Pier car park is working better than expected. (Image: Google Maps)

Residents were concerned that introducing charges and installing a parking meter at the pier car park would just lead to more 'inappropriate' parking on the promenade and surrounding streets.

Instead a more informal approach was taken, with a secure honesty box put in place for payments.

Parking is free for everyone for up to three hours, it's £2 for all day parking between 7am and 10pm and £5 for overnight parking in one of the three designated bays.

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The displaying of a parking ticket is not required and drivers will not be charged if they have a blue badge.

Mr Harris said: "If it had been entirely quiet and nobody had found it was necessary, which is what some of the community seemed to think was the case, then it would have been an argument to leave as is.

"But that's not what we're seeing. It's been pretty busy and the marking of bays and the way it's been laid out and managed has been pretty effective.

"I think there's a good chance it will continue as is. The plan is to go back in November with a clear report on how it's been going over the last few months."

As for the money raised, he added: "We offer financial transparency to the communities we work with, that's really important.

"We're not using the revenues these from these car parks to plug any corporate black hole, we want to turn that around to really invest in these areas where we implement these schemes."