BUDDING newshounds at North Queensferry Primary had the chance to get behind the camera with the help of a BBC education initiative.

Pupils from the school's primary five/six/seven class enjoyed a visit from the BBC LAB team who helped them create and record their own educational video.

Class teacher Keith Morton explained: "They got in touch looking at creating informative videos for young learners but made by young learners as well. They have been to a few areas that had quite famous landmarks or history attached to them.

"We researched things the day before they came in. They researched facts on the area and the bridges and we pinpointed our main facts we wanted to share. They had to check them to make sure they were right and then they took on roles and responsibilities to create the film.

"They all got a shot of using the camera and using the speaker and had roles of directors and things like that. The BBC will then edit that and put it together and we will get a premiere of sorts."

Mr Morton said all those taking part had enjoyed the project.

"It was something completely different for them. A lot of the things they already knew – when they look out of the window, they can see the bridges! It was being able to use the equipment. There was some pretty cool and inspiring pieces of kit.

"They also learned about how the two BBC people had got into their line of work. They spoke about their route into the BBC and how it was not a one size fits all."