THE people of Inverkeithing want a sports hub on the high school grounds and Fife Council's help and money to make it happen.

With relocation confirmed by the cabinet committee last week and plans progressing for an £85m secondary in Rosyth, attention has turned to what will happen with the existing site.

The new school at the Fleet Grounds will not have a swimming pool and there are fears the pool at The Wing may be lost when the current Inverkeithing High closes in 2026.

Local councillor David Barratt doesn't want that to happen and told the committee: "There is a strong ambition locally that the site should become a sports hub for the area, including fit for purpose turf and artificial sports pitches and a swimming pool.

Dunfermline Press: Councillor David Barratt said there is a strong ambition to create a sports hub when the current Inverkeithing High School shuts.Councillor David Barratt said there is a strong ambition to create a sports hub when the current Inverkeithing High School shuts. (Image: Newsquest)

"What I'm asking for is the council to work with the community to develop proposals which match that community ambition."

As well as agreeing to relocate Inverkeithing High to Rosyth, the committee was asked to note a review will look at the future of community use facilities in South and West Fife.

And the SNP councillor, who floated the sports hub idea before, added: "I think it's very important to make specific reference to the Inverkeithing site.

"There's no doubt that the new school, regardless of its location, will have educational benefit and that is, ultimately, the focus of this paper.

"That said there is concern among residents of Inverkeithing and across ward six that the loss of the school will not only impact on the vitality of the town but could put at risk the valued community use assets currently enjoyed at the existing site, including the sports pitches, tennis courts, community halls and swimming pool."

Council leader David Ross said there was "considerable community concern" about the issue and tabled an amendment.

He proposed that an options appraisal report, with costings, for the future development of community-use and swimming facilities for South and West Fife should be presented to the January meeting of the committee.

And he added: "I'm also aware of the motion passed by the Dunfermline area committee calling for a wider review of leisure and community-use facilities in their area and wider West Fife and a lot of that will be picked up in the options appraisal."

Cllr Cara Hilton said: "There is an issue about the future of community-use swimming facilities, not just for Inverkeithing but Rosyth and Dunfermline too, so this amendment is welcome as people want to know what's happening.

"A report in January will hopefully reassure people that we are taking this seriously and we are going to put those facilities in place the community desperately needs.

"I know swimming provision in particular is lacking."

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Cllr Barratt was concerned about a "watering down" of the commitment previously made to Inverkeithing and put in his own amendment to make "specific reference" to the existing site.

He said that, in November 2020, council officers were tasked with investigating the "retention, refurbishment and future investment" of The Wing and said that, almost three years on, "no such report has been presented".

And he added that he had helped secure £1m of council funds, in February 2021, for the purpose of investment in the site.

Cllr Barratt's amendment asked the committee to note the "strong community desire" for the council to "make a commitment to retain community facilities on the site of the existing school".

And he said there should be "specific consideration to maintaining or replacing the existing community use and sports facilities in Inverkeithing".

Both amendments were accepted.