KIRSTEN ADAMSON paid tribute to her late father Stuart Adamson with a rendition of one of his most famous songs at Dunfermline's Outwith Festival on Saturday.

The singer performed Big Country's In a Big Country at The Brasshouse, introducing it as a "very special song written by my dad".

She invited fans to sing along - expecting that a few people in the room may happen to know the words already.

The song was first released in 1983 as the third single from Big Country's debut studio album, The Crossing.

Stuart Adamson died in 2001.

It's not the first time Kirsten has payed tribute to her dad through music - during the pandemic she started covering his songs for the first time after requests online.

At that time she was regularly performing on Patreon and quickly gained a large following, including many Big Country fans.

Earlier this year she released a single called My Father's Songs in which she recounted the experience.

She sings that she "never knew" her father until she played his songs and dives into her relationship with him both as his daughter and as a musician.

Kirsten's unique Americana and Country style was partly developed during summers spent with her dad in Nashville, with the song referencing trips "from Fife to Tennessee".

Her set during Outwith Festival featured more from her most recent album, Landing Place, as well as her newest single, Take Me As I Am.