IS it going to take an "old dear being knocked down" before Fife Council act on road safety fears in Kelty?

That's the question poised by angry councillors after they discovered there's not even a start date in site for a £20,000 project at Station Road.

Traffic calming and improvements for pedestrians was supposed to have been carried out as part of the area roads programme for 2022-23 but it's been delayed.

Paul Hocking, co-ordinator in programme development and asset management, told the Cowdenbeath area committee: "Station Road in Kelty is still ongoing.

Dunfermline Press: Councillors are 'angry and disappointed' after road safety improvements at Station Road in Kelty were delayed.Councillors are 'angry and disappointed' after road safety improvements at Station Road in Kelty were delayed. (Image: Google Maps)

"A brief has been issued to our design and construction team and that's still to be programmed."

However SNP councillor for Cowdenbeath, Bailey-Lee Robb, blasted: "That's just not good enough.

"As one resident said to me last week, 'Does it take an old dear to be knocked down for roads and transportation to listen?'"

He said all four ward councillors had written to council chiefs asking for a site visit and hadn't even had a reply.

After a number of car crashes on Station Road, Fife MSP Alex Rowley previously called for the speed limit to be lowered "before there's a fatality".

Cllr Robb added: "We're at our wits' end.

"We've taken it to the heads of service, we can't take it any further than that, and I hope they can see we're very angry and disappointed with the lack of response we're getting on Station Road."

Conservative councillor for Cowdenbeath, Darren Watt, said: "This was on the 2022-23 programme so it was on the agenda a long time ago and we're no further forward.

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"When it comes to complaints it's us that get it in the neck and that's simply not fair when we're trying to push this forward and ensure work to make Station Road safer is carried out."

SNP councillor Alie Bain also represents the ward and said: "We've asked for a site visit on more than one occasion and I would like to get that done and see what we can do there."

The fourth Cowdenbeath councillor, Labour's Alex Campbell, is convener of the committee and said a site visit should be treated as a matter of "urgency".

Mr Hocking promised to "chase that up" and added: "If a site visit was promised that should have happened."