FIFE Council say they have reminded bus operators of their responsibilities after concerns were raised over drivers leaving their engines on while waiting at schools.

A member of the public had contacted the Press after becoming fed up of seeing bus idling at Queen Anne High School.

He said: "Since 2021, I have been reporting buses idling in the bus park at Queen Anne High school for up to 40 minutes before the school closes for the day. Apparently this contravenes the terms of their contract with Fife Council and is obviously harmful to the environment.

"It is perhaps also a bad example to the pupils who need to be aware of environmental matters. Fife Council claim that they do not have the manpower to monitor the terms of their contract or to enforce any action. In fact they asked me to provide evidence – dates/times/registrations – which I have not done as it is their job and also I could be met with angry drivers."

Gary Moyes, Fife Council's Procurement Category Manager, urged anyone with concerns to come forward with more information.

"We take this issue seriously and have made periodic inspections to check that engines are switched off while buses wait for pupils at the school," he said.

"We have also issued reminders to bus operators of their responsibilities and are reinforcing the anti idling message with a poster campaign outside the school.

"If members of the public have any concerns, they can provide us with the details of any vehicles, and we'll investigate."