WHEELIE bin stickers could be the answer to cutting the number of hedgehogs killed on Fife roads.

Rosyth-based Forth Hedgehog Hospital has mooted the idea of free A4-sized stickers to warn drivers about the animals.

Nadia Al-Dujaili, who runs the service, says she is applying funding and is hoping to get people on board.

She wrote on social media: "I'm needing as many people behind me on this as possible. Myself and my SNP councillor are still fighting the fight for hedgehog road signs but are not getting very far with the council.

"So, we have an alternative idea, which has been done elsewhere - hedgehog awareness wheelie bin stickers.

"They would be A4 sized, and free on the condition you were definitely going to put them on your wheelie bins. I'm applying for funding to allow this so people must be on board.

"This is Fife-wide just now only, as that's what funding is allowing."

She says schools, nurseries and businesses would be able to apply for stock, as well as residents.

Nadia continued: "Something must be done about the amount of hedgehogs killed on roads. Even on slow roads they are being killed."

Her post received more than 1000 comments with a huge amount of support.

Wendy Ellis wrote: "I am totally on board with this idea, well done for campaigning for this to happen."

Karen Stewart-Russell added: "I definitely would. They cross right at our house."