A WEST Fife and coastal villages councillor will represent Fife Council on the NHS Fife board after his predecessor was charged in relation to child sex offences. 

Labour's Graeme Downie replaces party colleague Cllr David Graham who stood down and resigned from all duties with the local authority last month after the alleged grooming offences became public. 

As well as representing the council at the health board meetings, Cllr Downie will join the cabinet committee as one of the local authority's six strategic spokespersons and was also appointed as the council's representative at the Fife Alcohol and Drug Partnership. 

He said: “Health and social care is one of the most important areas that we know people across Fife are facing and struggling with.

Dunfermline Press: The appointments were made at the Fife Council meeting on Thursday. The appointments were made at the Fife Council meeting on Thursday. (Image: Newsquest)

“I’m really excited to start working with people across parties as well as on the NHS board and with the alcohol and drug partnership as well to try and improve the situations the best we can.”

Both of Cllr Downie's appointments were confirmed at the full council meeting on Thursday - the same day Cllr Graham, who represents the Buckhaven, Methil and Wemyss villages ward, appeared at court - after he was voted in 38-32 ahead of SNP councillor Rosemary Liewald. 

He is already a member of the Health and Social Care Integration Joint Board and added: “Hopefully using the experience I’ve had on the Integrated Joint Board (IJB) I can contribute as well as health councillors and other people from across parties with the individual issues people across Fife are having.

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“We’re seeing issues with alcohol and drugs across Scotland and across Fife so I’m really looking forward to getting into that.

“It’s an area that’s a particular interest of mine where I think we can help people and really try and tackle all different types of addiction.

“More broadly on the health issues, we’ve got an ageing population, our primary care is under some pressure so hopefully I can help work with others across parties to address these issues.”