THE untold story of a homeless woman in Dublin has inspired a play heading for Dunfermline's Alhambra Theatre.

Derry playwright Brian Foster recalled a time he hurried past a lady begging on a narrow footbridge, only for her to haunt his thoughts and eventually become the face behind Myra's Story.

He said: "It happened some years back. On a freezing cold December day I was down in Dublin on theatre business. Spotting a homeless woman begging on a narrow footbridge, Ha’penny Bridge, immediately ahead of me, I hurried past, pretending to talk into my mobile.

"Back home in Derry I couldn’t get that tragic lady’s face out of my head. Who was she? What was her back story? How had she ended up like that? It haunted me for days, for weeks.

"Until the sense of guilt I felt for my callous action made me sit down and begin writing. A month later I had completed the first draft of Myra’s Story."

The acclaimed play has been performed at London's West End and follows the story of a middle-aged homeless alcoholic, Myra McLaughlin, who is living rough on the streets of Dublin.

Dunfermline Press: Playwright Brian Foster was inspired after passing by a homeless woman in Dublin. Playwright Brian Foster was inspired after passing by a homeless woman in Dublin. (Image: Alhambra Theatre)

Brian explained: "As she begs from passers-by she relives her backstory. Playing all the characters, male and female, acting out all the incredible twists and turns of life that have led her to alcoholism and destitution.

"Audiences laugh and cry, often at the same time, as Myra sweeps them along on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Hers is the face we so often turn away from, pretending not to see, just as I did that fateful day."

Myra's Story is playing at the Alhambra from Thursday, October 12, until Saturday, October 14.

You can book online at or by calling the box office on 01383 733666.