AN MSP says she is "bitterly disappointed" after repeated failed efforts to secure a face to face meeting with NHS Fife to discuss concerns over palliative care.

Conservative politician Roz McCall said she has been trying to speak to health chief Carol Potter after a group of campaigners approached her to outline their experiences and ask for help in raising awareness of their plight.

But NHS Fife hit back and said that "at no point" had they refused a meeting with the MSP. 

One of the campaigners, Dunfermline widow Trish Nolan, has been asking authorities for change after the "absolutely horrific" treatment her dying husband received in the Victoria Hospital.

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She said there was "complete and utter negligence" in the care of her husband, John, who taught German at St Columba's High School in Dunfermline for 35 years, and has since been in contact with other people whose relatives had bad experiences when receiving palliative care.

Ms McCall said she is keen to get answers from NHS Fife.

"The important thing is whenever you get issues from a constituent you do a proper investigation – that is what I wanted to do," she told the Press.

"We got in contact with the chief executive by email saying we would like to have a meeting. We have been approached by more than one constituent expressing concerns around palliative care and I think it is important we meet on a one to one basis."

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After receiving a "general response" on palliative care standards in NHS Fife, the Mid Fife and Scotland MSP wrote back to the health board without success.

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"I need to have a meeting because we need to look at the complete process and how it has been handled," she said. "We wrote back again and said it is a face to face meeting we are asking for. I have done that on four occasions and we have got nowhere.

"For me, that is very distressing for the people who have come to me asking me to act on their behalf because until we find out what the issues are, we cannot act. 

"Sending messages back and forwards and emails is not sufficient in this case.

"There is more than one person displaying the same concerns with NHS Fife and I think it is important that it is discussed. At the moment I would prefer just to find out what the opposing side is and move this forward.

"I am bitterly disappointed we are months on for these constituents and we are no further forward."

A spokesperson for NHS Fife said: "Roz McCall MSP wrote to the NHS Fife Chief Executive in May 2023 regarding palliative care services in Fife.

"NHS Fife responded on 23 June, providing the necessary consent forms to enable us to discuss the details of individual constituents with Ms McCall. This was provided again on 25 August although at the time of writing NHS Fife has yet to receive the completed forms.

"A special briefing was also held with elected members earlier this year to discuss in detail the current and future provision of palliative care in Fife. Ms McCall was invited to take part in this event but was unable to attend.

"At no point has the NHS Fife chief executive ever refused to meet Ms McCall. Indeed, NHS Fife’s board chair and chief executive hold regular meetings that are open to all our local MPs and MSPs to discuss all aspects of health board business.

"Any patients or family members with concerns about the care they or their loved ones received are encouraged to contact our patient experience team.

"In addition to providing support, the team can also help to source answers to any questions raised about the care we have provided."