A BID to change the use of a former bank building in Rosyth has been given the go-ahead by Fife Council.

Woodview Properties Ltd can now create a mixed-use development at their Dundas House site which was previously occupied by the Bank of Scotland and Intelligent Finance before that.

The two storey office building occupies a floor area of more than 70,000 feet and a mix of smaller units are now planned which, it is hoped, will help meet current market demands for the Rosyth area.

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A planning report said attempts have been made to keep the building's current use.

It explained: "The applicant has submitted marketing information which details that the application property has been vacant for some time and highlights the difficulties in the current market to find an occupier for large office spaces.

"The marketing information details that the property has been marketed for both rent and sale for over three years with no interest shown.

"The current owners recently purchased the property at auction and through this application, intend to divide the site into smaller employment related uses and also propose an ancillary leisure use in order to make the proposal viable."

Recommending the application for approval, planning officer Jamie Penman added: "The proposal would provide increased flexibility for the application property to be occupied by alternative employment uses within an existing employment area.

"Furthermore, the applicant has demonstrated that there is no other sequentially preferable site available for the class 11 element and that a lengthy active marketing campaign has failed to find any interested parties.

"The large application property has been vacant for a substantial period of time and approval of this application may facilitate it being brought into active use, thereby having a positive impact on the local economy.

"Minimal external changes are proposed to the building itself which are acceptable. Whilst potential for noise impacts on neighbouring residential properties are noted, acceptable mitigation has been proposed."