WITH a little help from their friends Duloch In Bloom have funded and installed their sixth bench to improve the woodland walks in Dunfermline. 

The small band of volunteers leapt into action after being "approached time and time again" by locals looking to take a break as they strolled through Duloch Park and Calaismuir Woods. 

Debi Brown, founder of Duloch in Bloom, said: “People were struggling, it’s a long walk to get to the shops with nowhere to stop. I’d struggle myself to walk all the way through the park. We contacted Fife Council who said they couldn’t help us.

“We were given some monkey puzzle tree seeds, however we couldn’t plant them as they were toxic to the wildlife.

Dunfermline Press: Provost of Fife Jim Leishman visited Duloch in Bloom in the summer. Provost of Fife Jim Leishman visited Duloch in Bloom in the summer. (Image: Fife Voluntary Action.)

"So, we sold them and after discussing with West Fife Woodlands we found out they were making benches, so we put the money towards them doing some for us."

The new additions have proved popular and she continued: “There’s been over 200 reactions to the Facebook post and people commenting saying how lovely it is to be able to rest their feet.

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"I think the council are very happy with us. Over the years we’ve built a good relationship. These things that should be put in place are happening.”

One of the benches, which are solid hardwood and made by Ronnie Collins from West Fife Woodlands, was paid for by a private individual in memory of a loved one.

Debi added: "He is a very busy man and doesn’t stop! So we were very grateful."

Duloch in Bloom are keen to inspire the next generation of gardeners and Debi said: “We just want to get more people involved, and more youngsters too.

"We don’t want them in the woods setting fires and making a mess, so it would be great to get more coming along.

"We also would love to have orchards put in place too. That’s likely a long way off, but the discussions are happening."

Halbeath & Duloch Community Council have just installed a bench, Calaiswood Conservation Group have three more to be installed soon while another couple will go at the new Dunfermline Learning Campus. 

You can find out more about Duloch in Bloom on their Facebook page.