IT'S less than a year until the new high schools open at what's shaping up to be an "absolutely fantastic" £220 million Dunfermline Learning Campus. 

That was the view of Elaine Piggot, chair of the Woodmill Parent Council, who was one of the mums and dads who accompanied rector Sandy McIntosh on a tour of the buildings recently. 

She said: "It looks like it's coming on really well. I'm impressed to see the standard of a lot of the finishes in areas like the classrooms. 


"Overall it really looks fantastic, great light and space. I'm really excited to see it as it progresses."

The latest images and photos show great progress with the sports pitches while internal fittings are underway, with a new classroom included in the tour.  

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Mrs Piggot said: "I think the facilities here are absolutely fantastic. 

"When you see the classroom and what it offers in terms of resources both for the teacher and the pupils, and across the whole building, the sports facilities and the communal areas, it's all really bright and fresh looking. 

"It will be a fantastic learning environment."


BAM Construction began preparing the site in September 2021 before building work began in the summer of 2022 on the replacement schools for St Columba's and Woodmill, which are on schedule to open in August 2024. 

They will share the campus with Fife College which will be ready to welcome students in 2025.

Mrs Piggot added: "I think the campus itself will bring great opportunities for young people both in terms of their own school, the integration with St Columba's and the college and the opportunities that will bring for their education and their future." 

Fife Council's Lyn Meeks has been involved in the project and in one of the videos she explains: "Each of the teaching walls in the classroom spaces has a television as well as some of the storage features such as shelving, a whiteboard to be able to write and share information and additional cupboards. 

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"The teacher's desk has easy access to the sockets to support digital learning.

"Each of our classrooms can hold up to 33 young people and are fully wi-fi enabled to ensure young people can access their one-to-one devices."