DUNFERMLINE'S TK Maxx store is set to open its doors next week.

West Fife-based DWP job centre manager Phil Martin said vacancies had all been filled for the store which he said is scheduled to open its doors on Thursday, November 2.

"All the interviews were done here and were a great success," he said. "All the staff needed have been recruited and they are due to open on November 2."

The progress comes as the latest government figures show a two per cent drop in unemployment figures across Fife.

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There are currently 7,615 people claiming Universal Credit in the Kingdom, 1,485 less than the same period in 2022.

Mr Martin said the labour market was "very buoyant" in Fife.

"Fife continues to perform pretty well – overall the numbers are still down," he said. "From our side of things, we have got posts for Job Centre work coaches. We are recruiting for them and there will be at least one post in every job centre.

"There are a considerable number of seasonal vacancies available in the run up to Christmas with a variety of employers looking to fill temporary positions. Employers include Clinton Cards, Superdrug, M&S, Tesco, Next, Costa and many more.

"We are working with employers and providers to put in place sector-based work academy programmes to help train and prepare jobseekers who may be considering a change in career or want to move into different type of job.

"These are currently available in the retail, care and hospitality sectors."