A BELOVED peahen who died last month is set to feature in a Cbeebies show filmed just two weeks before her death. 

Little Charley was born with a curved femur, malformed hips and knees that dislocated every time she walked, she tragically passed away in September after her volunteer family were told there was no "miracle" in store for her. 

Two weeks before her tragic passing, BBC crews visited the aviary in Pittencreiff Park for their Cbeebies show, Tiny Wonders. 

Baby Charley, who became a recognisable feature in the aviary and a well-known figure in Dunfermline for touring the city in her pram, will feature in the episode, titled Peacock Feather. 

Sharing the news on Facebook, Suzi, Carlyn and the team who were committed to showing her "all the love in the world" during her short life, warned viewers to have their "tissues at the ready."

The show will air tomorrow morning at 10.35am and will also be available to view on BBC iPlayer.