A Dunfermline eatery is putting on a 'Man v Food' challenge!

Wonder of Foods are challenging those who think they can stomach it to eat a 14” pizza with one topping of their choosing and a large German style kebab, washed down with a large vanilla milkshake - all within a 30-minute limit.

Complete the challenge, and you get your money back, fail and you're paying for your meal.

Wonder of Foods is located on the upper floor of the Kingsgate, next to Starbucks.

Proprietor Nasir Malik said: “I used to live in Germany where I had a similar restaurant.

"About two years ago we thought we would try our luck over here. It’s usually me and my wife working in the kitchen, and my son used to be very involved too, so it’s really a family business.”

These types of challenges are apparently commonplace in Germany.

Nasir said: “I wanted to do this sort of challenge as there is nothing really like it here locally. It’s quite common back in Germany so I wanted to bring it to here.

“Quite a few people have managed to do it so far. We’ve even had people come through from Edinburgh. We’re always rooting for them as well. Someone actually managed to do it in 20 minutes!”

Nasir shared what makes his food so special, saying: “We make our kebab bread fresh to order. Sometimes it will take about half an hour which at first people felt took too long, but we make sure our bread is the highest quality.

“We also take pride in our own caramelised red cabbage that we use. A lot of people when they first came here, they didn’t like salad with the kebab, but after trying the red cabbage everyone wants it. We make our own special garlic sauce as well!”

If you think you can take on the challenge, then Nasir will be happy to welcome you to Wonder of Foods.