TWO Rosyth women trekked up the Lomond Hill last night to capture the Northern Lights. 

Hayley Burt, 27 and Darci Mackie, 24, were "shocked and excited" after they managed to catch sighte of the lights at around 9.15pm last night (Tuesday, November 7).

The two had been looking for the lights for days using the app, Aurora Watch, and first caught them in Rosyth from Hayley's bedroom window on Monday night. 

She told the Press: "Me and my friend Darci had been looking for them for days. We both have the app on our phone, Aurora Watch, so we have been tracking it the last few nights. 

"The first time I caught them in Rosyth I was a bit shocked and wasn’t sure if it was definitely them.

"We had also followed a few Facebook pages to find out a good destination to go to see them so when we saw an amber alert on the app we headed up Lomond Hill.

"I was setting up my tripod when my friend Darci shouted over to me to say she had spotted them, I didn’t have time to use my proper camera so we started snapping away using our iPhone cameras on night mode. 

"We were both shocked and excited that we had actually seen them, we were very lucky as within ten minutes clouds appeared and they had gone from visibility! We both still can’t believe it."

Both had dreamed of seeing the colourful aurora borealis but didn't think they would be able to get such a show down in Fife.