A NEW 15-metre high mobile phone mast is going to be installed on a pavement on Woodmill Road in Dunfermline.

Fife Council said the plans put in by CK Hutchinson Networks Ltd, more commonly known as Three, will improve the 5G network coverage in the area.

The site is between the car wash and Dunfermline Mosque, next to a crescent shaped grass area, and as well as the 15m tall monopole the radio base station will include six antennas, two equipment cabinets, an electric meter cabinet and GPS module.

A council report said: "A justification statement that the development is required to improve the 5G network coverage to the local area has been provided.

Dunfermline Press: Plans for a 15 metres high phone mast on Woodmill Road in Dunfermline have been approved.Plans for a 15 metres high phone mast on Woodmill Road in Dunfermline have been approved. (Image: Google Maps)

"This also shows a site selection process that the agent has done showing the area where the mast is required and alternative sites that were considered and the reason they have not been chosen."

Eight other sites were looked at but were discounted as "they were too exposed, or would obstruct pathways".

Earlier this year a Dunfermline family expressed concern about the 'health risks' and radiation from a proposed 5G mast near their home. 

Planning permission is not required, it's already considered to have 'prior approval', and an application went to the council for confirmation.

The local authority report added: "The proposed pole and associated cabinets are suitably distanced from the nearest residential properties, approximately 32 metres away, and are offset to the front of any of the dwellings and suitably obstructed by nearby trees.

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"The closest residents are on the crescent part of Woodmill Road that curves around the green space, and trees that would create a boundary between the dwelling houses and the proposed mast pole."

Three said that as part of their continued network improvement programme, there was "a specific requirement" for telecommunications equipment on Woodmill Road to "ensure that the latest high quality 3G and 4G service provision is provided in this area of Fife".

As well as improving mobile signals in the area, the firm said it would also "fill holes" in service provision.