CR Smith are planning to donate approximately 500 batteries for toys in the Press’ Christmas toy appeal.

CR Smith have supported the toy appeal for a number of years, but Kevin Eadie, director of operations, decided to donate batteries after he realised how many toys handed into the appeal needed batteries.

Kevin said: “The Dunfermline Press invited me to visit the Food Bank a few weeks ago and I could not believe the scale of the operation and the huge amount of effort that goes into running it. I arrived early and spoke with the volunteers who, at that point, were busy wrapping up presents which had been donated through the Christmas Toy Appeal.

Dunfermline Press:

“During our discussion I became aware that there was a large pile of toys that couldn’t be given out to children as they all required batteries. The volunteers explained that they are so grateful for all the kind donations to the Christmas Toy Appeal, however if donors could afford to supply batteries with the toys then it would be an enormous help.

“I could see how disappointing it would be for a child to receive a toy at Christmas and be unable to use it without the batteries so I thought it would be a good idea for CR Smith to buy a quantity of batteries to give out with the toys.”

CR Smith will work with the food bank to ensure that they have plenty of batteries to go with the toys.

Kevin added: “I hope that by donating the batteries, the volunteers at the Food Bank will be able to pair them with the fantastic toys which have been donated by the community and get them wrapped and ready for children to enjoy on Christmas Day.”