Blood Bikes Scotland volunteers are once again working in collaboration to help health and social care services in Fife.

The hard-working volunteers are supporting the Fife Health and Social Care Partnership’s Specialist Palliative Care service in a new initiative, which sees them delivering equipment and prescriptions by motorcycle to people who need it.

Blood Bikes Scotland was established to provide a free-of-charge, professional, rapid-response medical transport service for NHS Scotland.

Lynne Garvey, Fife Health and Social Care Partnership's head of community care services, said: “We would like to thank the Blood Bike volunteers who have been working alongside our Palliative Care team to help us over the past few weeks.

“It’s given us an effective way to get vital equipment and prescriptions to people across Fife who need it quickly.

“And that service has really helped us free up valuable staff time and resources as we move into the busy winter period. We are really grateful for their ongoing support.”

Rod Spalding, vice-chair of Blood Bikes, added that working alongside Palliative Care services is only one of the ways they can provide assistance.

He said: “We deliver blood, blood products, specimens, medications, documents and smaller pieces of medical equipment between NHS sites, patient’s homes and care facilities across the regions in which we operate.

“By delivering a high-quality service free of charge, we aim to provide the NHS with significant cost savings.”

This isn’t the first time Blood Bike volunteers have given their support to health and social care services in Fife. During the early stages of the pandemic, Blood Bikes Scotland also supported NHS Fife including a dedicated service at Covid-19 testing centres.