The Dunfermline Comic Art Fair is set to provide a treat to all local comic lovers as it comes to Abbot House this Saturday, November 25.

The event will play host to some huge names of the comic world, as well as shining a light on some of the very best local talent.

At the event fans will be able to meet the creators in attendance and hear their stories and experiences from working within the world of comic books, as well as celebrating the small press independent scene that is currently flourishing in Scotland.

The event is being organised by local lads, the BrewGooders Podcast, who regularly meet to discuss the world of comics and craft beer with their listeners.

Geoff Nicholson, co-host of the podcast, said: “A lot of conventions, quite rightly, lean a lot into the pop culture aspect of the comic scene, maybe someone who was on Star Trek or something, and they’ll fill out big rooms.

Dunfermline Press:

“What we wanted to focus on was the small press and the independent scene which is really thriving in Scotland. The small press is the grassroots of the industry. It’s where Stan Lee started out. They become celebrated and then they continue to do great things.

“At least two of our creators that will be in attendance, Tanya Roberts and Jim Alexander, have worked on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Marvel respectively, so there will be some from the bigger publications as well.

“There’s a pathway from the niche to the mainstream. One of the biggest selling points is finding out about the local creators that are producing some incredible pieces of work.”

The BrewGooders podcast was founded by Geoff and his friend Colin Maxwell, and they chat to some of the biggest names in comics. One notable recent interview was with Ninja Turtles creator Kevin Eastman.

Geoff said: “I started the podcast as an aspiring writer looking for ways to chat to creators and learn from them. We now get young people on with fundraising communities or that have just launched their own comic. The comic community is one of the best I have ever been a part of.

“No one’s too protective or cagey about offering support and everyone’s just keen to help people out."

The fair is a part of Scottish Comic Book Day, with many events across the nation taking place to celebrate the comic industry.

The BrewGooders are keen to promote the fair using the hashtag #scottishcomicbookday, to further bring together all those taking part in Scotland on the day, and the event will hopefully inspire the next generation of Scottish creators.

Geoff said “We’ve got a young artist called Jack Smith coming down and he’s from Aberdour. He’s just graduated from a comic art course at Dundee Uni.

“Last year we put out our anthology which featured 12 stories from Scottish creator and Jack made a beautiful contribution to that. I discovered him at comic market in the Kingsgate and he was asking how I got into it and now he’s publishing himself.

“That’s what I like about these comic fairs, there’s creators that have been doing this forever and some that are just starting out. Everyone is really happy to offer support and advice.”

The event will take place this Saturday, November 25, and is free to the public. There will also be a raffle taking place with the profits being used to make sure next year's fair is a free event as well.