Scotland’s biggest fire international charity held a naming ceremony for three fire appliances being donated to Argentina.

Fife-based International Fire and Rescue Association named its 111th vehicle Lord Lieutenant Robert Balfour, 112th was named Jim Leishy Leishman MBE, and it's 113rd vehicle was named Fifer.

The naming ceremony took place on Friday, November 24, before the three vehicles went to London before making their way to Argentina.

David Kay OBE, IFRA chairman, said: "It's a great honour for us to have Provost Jim Leishman at our Headquarters in Thornton to name these three appliances after both himself and Lord Lieutenant Robert Balfour and not forgetting after our fantastic region of Fife with 'Fifer'.

"These appliances will go on to save many lives in Argentina after a full operational life doing the same in Scotland. 

"We are grateful for the support from Fife Council, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and both Lord Lieutenant Robert Balfour and Provost Leishman without whom we could not help carry out our role in assisting these countries."