CHANGING of the tides have meant the traditional Limekilns Breakfast Dip will not take place this New Year's Day.

The popular event has seen brave participants dip into the Forth on January 1 to raise cash for the Limekilns Heritage Trust's ongoing campaign to restore the village's 16th-century pier.

However, it will not be held in 2024 because of the times of the high tide.

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Organiser Alex Hill explained: "High tide is at 6am or 6pm so it is only light in between those times and no one is going to go swimming at 6am.

Dunfermline Press:

"The tides have to be high because Limekilns' bay is very flat and you can walk out for ages on the flat mud then it drops off and the Forth is really deep.

"The same thing happened about three years ago – it is the luck of the draw. We did have it one year in May which was quite successful but normally people are away on holiday or doing other things.

"New Year's Day is more of a challenge, it is colder and families are normally together."

It is hoped that the dip will return for January 2025.