Small-scale poultry keepers in Fife are being invited to an event in Glenrothes to discuss poultry care and bird flu.

The event is run by The James Hutton Institute at the Lomond Centre, Glenrothes on Thursday, February 8.

It aims to share ideas to help keepers make informed poultry management decisions to prevent outbreaks of diseases in flocks. This comes after unprecedented numbers of avian influenza outbreaks in the UK.

Orla Shortall, Hutton researcher, said: “’Backyard’ keepers are generally keen to manage the risks associated with avian influenza. However, they can be difficult to reach, and may receive mixed messages from numerous sources.

“We’re interested in learning what could help them address these risks, and what other information would be useful to them in caring for their flocks.”

Anyone interested in attending the event should register by emailing by January 31.