A West Fife councillor has called on roads to be made a priority as Fife Council prepares to set its budget in the coming weeks.

Councillor Dave Dempsey says there should be "no let up" to ensure there's provision to make vital repairs as finances are set for 2024-25.

“Last year, pressure from the Conservatives resulted in an extra £3.5m in the budget for road repairs," he said. "That was good but it was a one-off and won’t automatically be repeated this time. Yet the roads are far from fixed. This is not the time to let up.

"The state of the roads remains the biggest source of public complaint.

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“There’s a prime example in Dalgety Bay, where Moray Way, the town’s main road, is a mess.

"When the 2023-24 programme was put forward a year ago, Moray Way didn’t figure. The roads engineers were focussed on one of the town’s cul-de-sacs. I objected, my colleagues backed me and we got a section of Moray Way scheduled for last autumn."

Cllr Dempsey said that planned work did not take place and was rescheduled for March.

He added: "After further protest, it was brought forward and has now been done. But that’s just the start. We’re now into an action replay to get the next section sorted. And in a year’s time, I expect to be arguing about a further phase.

“The last thing we need is a reduction in the roads budget, year on year”.

Fife Councillors will meet on February 22 to agree the budget for 2024-25.