CURIOUS onlookers are crossing a live railway line to go and look at a dead whale on the shore at Culross.

That's according to Police Scotland who said this was "extremely dangerous". 

The fin whale stranded and was sadly found dead on the beach, in an area between Culross and the former Longannet Power Station site, by locals on Wednesday January 24.

It's still there as last week it was confirmed that the carcass would be left to decompose.

A post from police in South West Fife said: "We have received reports that people have been walking along the railway line at Culross to view the dead whale on the beach.

"This is a live railway line and could be extremely dangerous.

"Use the crossings and take care, especially when crossing with children."

Fife Coast and Countryside Trust were alerted about the dead whale which was around 18 metres long.

Previously, when a sei whale died on the coast at Dalgety Bay in 2021, it was collected and buried at the Fife Council landfill site at Wellwood.

The British Divers Marine Life Rescue - who have previously warned that whales carry "toxins and bacteria that can be fatal to humans" - and local councillor Graeme Downie had advised the public to keep their distance and keep dogs away.

A few days later the trust confirmed that the carcass would not be recovered and left to "naturally decompose".